Obedience Classes

Reidsan offers the only obedience classes in El Paso, conducted in a beautiful, spacious, and comfortable pecan grove. Reidsan’s offers classes that are designed for small groups, to insure your dog gets the attention it needs to be trained properly. At Reidsan, we know dogs aren’t all one in the same, each dog breed fosters unique characteristics, and in turn we train accordingly to suit the needs of the dog breed.

  • Small group classes also allow us to tend to any bad habits/behavioral issues that you may experience with your pet.
  • Basic and Advanced Obedience classes are scheduled twice a week to enhance learning and eliminate frustration.
  • Real life situations are used to teach your dog obedience in everyday situations, to develop a positive relationship between you and your dog.


Puppy Classes

Socializing and Understanding what a command is are important communication tools at this stage for a puppy. Puppies at this age are more geared to play, so training should be fun and care-free. Much of the training needs to be, and is, put into the owner so that they are comfortable with having the puppy now and in days to come.


  • Age: 12 weeks – 5 months
  • Vaccinations: Must have booster shots at minimal
  • Training Outline (commands): Come, Sit, Heel, Down, Stay
  • Training Outline (Discipline): , American Kennel Club (AKC) hand signals, Pack Leadership, Housebreaking, riding in a car, Diet, trips to the vet, Grooming, Bad Habits(i.e. chewing, digging, jumping, running away) and Question and Answer sessions

Schedule: 1-hour class, once a week for 5 weeks


Basic On-Leash Obedience Classes

Basic On-Leash Training, a formal method of training that teaches the dog to respond to a different number of distractions and situations that will develop confidence and obedience and overall a secure dog.

    Requirements: Previous training not necessary

  • Age 6-months or older
  • Vaccinations: Must be current on all shots, including Rabies, Bordetella
  • Training Outline: Come, Sit, Stand, Down, Stay-with strong distractions, Stand, Finish to Heel, AKC Hand Signals, Behavior Problems, Q & A Sessions, Graduation Exercise

Schedule: 1-hour class, twice a week for 5 weeks


Advanced Off-Leash Obedience Classes

Advanced Off-Leash training allows the owner the control and confidence to work with their dogs without a leash.

    Requirements: Basic Obedience Trained

  • Age: 6-months or older
  • Vaccinations: Must be current on all shots
  • Training Outline: Off-Leash Heeling, Sit and Stay from a distance for 1-minute, Off-Leash down and stat from a distance for 3-minutes, Off-Leash recall, finish to heel, Moving sits and downs, AKC Hand Signals, Q & A, Graduation Exercise

Schedule: 1-hour class, twice a week for 5 weeks


2016 Schedule