What’s so unique about this kennel?

Our 6.5 acre Pecan Grove, with 300 thirty-year-old Pecan trees offering a serene environment for your vacationing pet. This stucco southwestern styled building is designed with all the amenities to ensure your pets stay comfortable and pleasant.


Our kennel is fitted with large indoor and outdoor run areas, that are 14′ long x 4′ wide. All dogs are walked daily and allowed to play in separate exercise yards for at least one hour, while the Kennel is cleaned. We use virocide to clean all areas of the Kennel and dogs are returned to a dry, clean environment.

The indoor sleeping area provides each dog with privacy. We do not use chain link fences in our indoor run areas in order to maintain a calm atmosphere and prevent fence fighting, as well as unnecessary noise. Outside runs are under tall Pecan trees to offer shade.


Check out our cattery! Your cat’s living area has its own window box where he or she will be able to sit and watch birds and geese, bringing back his or her natural instincts. We also offer a living area with versatility that includes tree limbs to help your cat stretch it’s legs. Your cat won’t have a dull moment in our cattery, especially with an array of toys at it’s disposal.

Please feel free to visit our facilities to what ReidSan can offer your pet during its stay. If you’d like to make an appointment, please email us or call us at (915) 877-DOGS (3647).